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Sharing Our Alzheimer's
Journey on TikTok

 Being Patient

Jacquelyn Revere sheds light on the challenges faced by young dementia caregivers through her incredibly popular TikTok account @MomOfMyMom.


Alzheimer's Drugs Worth

 Being Patient

If an experimental drug is only effective for a small percentage of clinical trial participants, should the therapy be abandoned for all?

Amylyx "Bulletproof Vest
for Neurons" Tested as
Potential Alzheimer's Therapy

 Being Patient

Amylyx Pharmaceuticals' neurodegeneration drug, AMX0035, has been studied in volunteers with MCI or Alzheimer's in a Phase 2 clinical trial.


Now Recruiting: U.S. Trials
for Alzheimer's "Seaweed Drug" Oligomannate

 Being Patient

The Alzheimer's Drug, Oligomannate, approved in China and derived from seaweed, is now being studied in the U.S. in a Phase 3, multi-center clinical trial that is actively recruiting participants.

Essential Caregiver Program
Aims to Reunite Families
With Loved Ones in Long-
Term Care

 Being Patient

Essential Caregiver Programs have allowed some people to reunite with loved ones in American long-term care facilities after months of pandemic isolation, but for most, the painful separation continues.


TikTok Sisters Share Early-
Onset Alzheimer's Story

 Being Patient

The Sisters behind "The Kathy Project" use TikTok to share their journey with early onset Alzheimer's.

Let my grandmother see her family: Her memories are fading day by day

NY Daily News

Stringent regulations amid the COVID-19 pandemic are keeping individuals in long-term care facilities isolated from their loved ones as their cognitive function continues to decline.

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